Trent 500

    The Rolls-Royce Trent500 is part of the Trent engine family.

    The engine was chosen by Airbus in 1997 to power the A340 aircraft. It entered into service in July 2002 with Virgin Atlantic’s A340-600 aircraft and, in December 2003, with the Emirates A340-500. The engine has exceeded 13 million flight hours.

    Although the Trent 500 is no longer in production, Avio Aero continues to supply its spare parts.

    As a Rolls-Royce partner, Avio Aero handled the design and production of the components that make up the fifth-stage of the engine’s low-pressure turbine.

    Main engine characteristics

    Max Power at SL 56,000 lb
    Fan diameter 97.4 inches
    Bypass ratio 7.5

    Avio Aero's module details

    Low Pressure Turbine

    Within Avio Aero responsibility, the design and production of the components make up the 5th stage of low-pressure turbine, namely:

    • stator, characterised by a set of 18 sectors, each of which consists of 6 aerodynamic profiles. Each profile is hollow to minimise component weight
    • blade, 68 in number, also made with hollow aerodynamic profile for weight reduction
    • disk
    • inter-stage seal