The engine powers the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, a multi-role fighter aircraft developed by Lockheed Martin for the US Air Force and numerous other countries. Partner countries are Australia, Canada, Denmark, Italy, Holland, Norway, Turkey and the UK, to which others are likely to join. Two versions of the aircraft are foreseen: “Conventional Take-Off and Landing” (CTOL), also configurable for catapult take-offs from aircraft carriers in the “Carrier Variant” (CV), and “Short Take-Off and Vertical Landing” (STOVL).

    The production phase, begun in 2010, will continue until 2035. Production, foreseen for the 9 Partner countries, is for over 3,000 aircraft, which makes the Joint Strike Fighter, with its F135 motorisation, one of the most important military aeronautical programmes worldwide.

    Avio Aero is involved in the production of some components of the high-pressure turbine, low-pressure turbine and combustor.

    Main engine characteristics

    CTOL Max. Thrust (in lb) 43,000 (191.3 kN)
    CTOL Lenght 220 in. (5.59m)
    CTOL Max Diameter 51 in. (1.30m)
    STOVL Max. Thrust (in lb) 43,000 (191.3 kN)
    STOVL Hover Thrust 39,400 (175.3)

    Avio Aero's module details

    Low-Pressure Turbine

    Avio Aero produces components of the high-pressure turbine and low-pressure turbine (1 HPT disk, 2 LPT disks).

    Combustion Chamber and Afterburner

    Avio Aero produces components of the combustor ( 1 diffuser case, seals and various covers).