The TP400 is a European Europrop International (EPI) Consortium engine. It was chosen by the Airbus Military Company to power the A400M European military transport aircraft. These engines are expected to power aircraft in Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain, Turkey, Belgium and Luxembourg.

    Avio Aero designs and produces the propeller gearbox - the largest ever produced in the western world.

    Main engine characteristics

    Thrust range Three-shaft turboprop
    Power Output 11,000 shp at sea level
    Weight 1,860 kg (dry)
    Pressure/compression ratio 25
    Propeller 5.3 m
    Max Propeller Speed 840 rpm

    Avio Aero's module details

    Mechanical Power Transmission

    The power transmission is a very complex component with cutting-edge technological requirements, particularly in terms of weight and efficiency.

    Main features of the power reducer:

    • output power: ca. 8,000 kW
    • output torque: ca. 100 kN*m
    • reduction ratio: ca. 9.5:1
    • very high power density and efficiency
    • reliability comparable to the “best in class” transmissions for commercial turboprops

    Innovative technological elements of Avio Aero’s reducers:

    • weight: ratio between propeller output torque and weight with respect to current applications. Gears with integral bearing races; “Flexible” architecture tolerant to misalignments and deformations induced by the propeller; high mechanical resistance of gears materials
    • high efficiency: power loss smaller than 1% of transmitted power of super-finishing methods for teeth and bearing housings
    • operative costs reduction and reliability improvement