Maybe you can’t see us, but surely you can enjoy our beat.


Top technologies are the core of our programs, discover the sound of tech innovation

The Luminer Tease


This starting track is so vigorous, fast and bumping. It’s the Luminér concept for a tough soundtrack, highly influenced by the musical movement known as Techno Detroit: a 3 minutes mash-up of bass, beat and melody.

The Avio Aero Lounge


This track shines so bright, it’s the artists’ ambient, relaxing sound for our people around every location and industrial site. It resembles our eco-approach to research for the engine of the future: less noise emissions and more eco-friendly engines. 

The air travel


This actually sound like progressive, such a cool and chill soundtrack for an airplane travel. The excellent sound and style of this track is going to take you inside the aviation atmosphere, passing through check, controls and airport gates. Ready for take-off?

Of factories and flights


A powerful and rhythmic track as a result of a unique sound experiment. All that you’re going to listen to in this song has been recorded and then sampled by Luminér: the track is the final combination of all the sounds coming from our people, machines and products present and alive on our shop floor. From the shop to the dance floor.