New Technologies

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New skills and a fast-disruptive mindset

In the aviation industry, investments in research and development are a key factor in enabling a company to consolidate its competitive position at the highest levels.

Avio Aero has dedicated increasing resources into the research, development and innovation of products and processes, also in collaboration with national institutions, such as the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research Centres, Regional development centres , Technological Districts, the CTNA (National Aerospace Technology Cluster) and through important international collaborations. Europe is on the forefront with the European Green Deal and is called to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Engineers and researchers at Avio Aero are naturally engaged to apply the top-notch technologies and big data aimed at developing the engine modules and systems for a sustainable tomorrow with reduced environmental impact and lean compelling processes. In order to enhance innovation, collaborations with the research network have been strengthened by implementing a network collaboration model between the main European universities and research centres, creating the "European Technology Development Clusters"