The reliable service partner for air forces

Avio Aero has been chosen by the Italian Air Force as a key service partner and is proud to design, manufacture and service the EJ200 engines for the Eurofighter Typhoon, as well as many other legendary turbofan, turbojet, turboshaft and turboprop engines.  With over 110 years of experience, Avio Aero’s excellence in maintenance, repair and overhaul in collaboration with numerous defense operators, speaks for itself.


Service Military Aviation

EPI | TP400 Airbus Military | A400M PGB Pomigliano EASA
Eurojet | EJ200 Eurofighter | TYPHOON Engine Brindisi MOAC
Eurojet | DFZI Eurofighter | TYPHOON Engine Brindisi
Rolls-Royce | AE2100D2/D3 Leonardo | C-27J, Lockheed Martin | C-130J Engine Brindisi MOAC
Rolls-Royce | Spey Mk807 AMX | AM-X (IAF), A1 (BAF) Engine Brindisi AER-Q-2110
Rolls-Royce | APU ARGO AMX | AM-X (IAF) Engine Brindisi AER-Q-2110
Turbo Union | RB199 Panavia | Tornado Engine Brindisi AER-Q-2110
GE Aerospace | CT7 family Leonardo | AW149, Leonardo | AW189, Leonardo | EH101, Leonardo | NH90, Sikorsky | S70, Boeing | AH-64 Engine Brindisi
GE Aerospace | T700 family Leonardo | EH101, Leonardo | NH90 Engine Brindisi MOAC
GE Aerospace | LM2500, LM2500+G4 Horizon Frigates, FREMM (IT & FR), Engine Brindisi

These are our services special processes

  • Thermal, plasma, cold, wire spray
  • HVOF (Hyper Velocity Oxygen Fuel)
  • Aluminide PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition)
  • High pressure water jet stripping
  • Shot peening, Glass bead peening
  • Grit blasting
  • Inorganic and organic painting
  • Sandblasting and stripping
  • Tumbling
  • High-precision static and dynamic balancing
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Military services