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Avio Aero has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and laboratories across Europe: in Italy, Poland and Czech Republic. 

Avio Aero: the Hub of aviation's global network of centers of excellence in Europe

  • Mechanical Transmissions, Headquarter


    Rivalta di Torino

    Mechanical Transmissions, Headquarter

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    Total area

    123.000sqm of buildings




    Via I Maggio, 99 10040 Rivalta di Torino (TO) - Italy

    +39 011 0082111

    Where we are

    Rivalta di Torino

    Mechanical Transmissions, Headquarter

    The Rivalta di Torino site is the Avio Aero headquarters, where both production and R&D take place. Power and accessory drives, low pressure turbine modules, rotating components for aviation engines, and automation and electronic simulation systems, are designed and built here. The plant receives the drive housings from our foundry at Borgaretto and performs all the machining processes, gear production and tests which culminate in the delivery to our customers of the drive systems that power the world's most widely used aircraft. This site is also the starting point for the projects that put us in the forefront of Europe's biggest Research and Development programs, such as Clean Sky and Clean Aviation.

    Key products

    Components for engines such as the TP400, PW1100, PW1500, LM6000, CH53, AS365, V2500, GEnx, LM2500, EJ200, T700, TRENT900, SaM146 and GE9X


    special processes & labs; press quenching technology

    power gears

    machining & assembly