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We have chosen to be inclusive

Inclusion is what makes us free to be different. Our communities help us to ensure, promote and empower diversity - the best driver of innovation 

If diversity is a fact, inclusion is a choice. And we have chosen to be inclusive, because first of all we want to be free. Free to be different in gender, disabilities, culture but also in experiences, skills and ways of thinking. We are a community open to welcome what distinguishes us, because what unites us is the community itself. In this way, we look far ahead, we experience and reach goals before others, just as we did with additive manufacturing. Diversity is the engine of our innovation, drives us to achieve new results but above all makes each of us, day after day, culturally richer. Its power helps us to create not only a more equitable and inclusive environment, but a reality where everyone can grow in uniqueness which is the most precious gift we have. A virtuous circle that sets the pace of our days in Avio Aero and that we have decided to support more and more in the last few years until the birth of our Inclusion & Diversity (D&I) Council, created to promote more and more the inclusion of diversity and to encourage its interaction inside and outside our company. This is the path we have chosen to follow to keep writing the most significant pages of tomorrow's aeronautical industry.

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